Anna Dyachuk

Kiev, Ukraine

My work begins with an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for life that blossoms into an endless inner journey. My career began at the National University of Culture and Art in Kiev, where I earned a master’s degree and taught environmental design. As a professional artist, I have had successful experiences in the areas of graphic design, advertising, interior design, object design, and visual art. In the past, I have worked as an art director for publishing and advertising companies. My architectural design work has been recognized at the Festival of Young Designers, and my work in print has won the Cover of the Year award three times.

In 2009, I created my personal brand, which began with designing handmade mirrors and other interior art objects. I later branched out into painting to include my passion for fine art.

I create paintings and art objects that reflect my inner spirit. It is a pursuit that changes constantly as I evolve as an artist and as a human being. No matter the direction, each step carries me ever deeper into my art. I believe that being able to tell a story through art requires a mastery of oneself. I aspire to see the beauty in all aspects of life, and I take pleasure in sharing this perspective with you through my works. For now, my art is displayed in private collections in USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Greece, India, Russia and Ukraine.